Exfoliating Scrub + Use for brush brows - Recycling your old toothbrush

1, Clear the dirt on the nail

You may not have the tools to brush your nails, but a pair of toothbrushes can make a big difference, and the fine bristles can easily brush off the dirt hidden beneath your nails. Of course, you can also use a little oil to brush the dead skin of the nail.

2, DIY magic nail polish

When you want to change the monotone of your nail polish color, and you want to try the art of pop art, you can save yourself a trip to the nail salon and make your own DIY fantasy nails.

Ready you want with different color of nail polish, pour some on the cardboard, then use a toothbrush with, dip in to the nail, carefully several times in a row, art nails so complete.

3, Exfoliate the lips

Exfoliate the lips

Every part of the human body produces dead skin at the moment, usually we have facial, body, etc., we have the exfoliant scrub, but there is little of the lip to the dead skin. Start with a little oil on your lips, then brush it round with a toothbrush and give you a pair of tender lips.

4, Unclog the hair dryer

Unclog the hair dryer

Use a toothbrush to clear the vent of the hair dryer from time to time, and the amount of time that hair is blown away can be greatly reduced.

5, Make a shaggy natural hairstyle

Make a shaggy natural hairstyle

If you want to carefully take care of good hair looks more natural kind, you can try to use a toothbrush that has a small brush to brush the hair brush tool, make it look fluffy.

6, Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush

If you don't have a eyebrow brush, you can easily replace it with an old toothbrush. But it's best to brush your teeth too hard and don't try too hard to avoid allergies.

7, Emergency handling of "fly legs"

Sometimes the mascara does not give force or carelessly overspread, the phenomenon that causes fly leg easily. Brush a brush with a clean tooth, and you can wipe away excess mascara, making your eyelashes unburdened and your eyes more powerful. (PS: second point.)


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