Beijing Zhongke Dianzi Youxiangongsi

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Haidian District, beijing, China



Some Questions and Answer about Beijing Zhongke Dianzi Youxiangongsi

What products and services are provided?

Engine Coil

What is the business type of the company?

Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers

I want to contact the company ?

You can call the company's phone number 86-010-63010210,or arrive the company by address: Haidian District, beijing, China and if this information are not available, also you can visit ( They website) to find more details.


Haidian District, beijing, China
  • Address : Haidian District, beijing, China
  • Phone : 86-010-63010210
  • Fax : 86-010-63810210
  • Email : Send Email
  • Country : China
  • Postcode : 100080
  • Employees : 51-100
  • Business Services : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
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